Global Grant: Rotary Neighbor Watching and Positive Peace

Project Description




Humanitary Project


Name Club Distrit Sponsor Contact
Adrián Inda Valencia Jardines De Cuernavaca 4185 Club Local



Name Club Distrit Contact
Luz Stella Vallejo Trujillo Jardines De Cuernavaca 4185 Secundario
Beatriz Rubio Martínez Jardines De Cuernavaca 4185 Secundario
Damaso Corrales Bustillo Jardines De Cuernavaca 4185 Secundario


Who are the international members of the project committee?

Nombre Club Distrito Contacto
KEVIN PITTS PRESCOTT 5495 Secundario internacional
(Socio) 5495 Secundario internacional
(Socio) 5495 Secundario internacional


Is there a possible conflict of interest among the members of the committee?





 Train 500 Leaders of the implementation of the Rotary Vigilant Neighbor Model in positive peace for the prevention and recovery of civic values ​​with information on how to ensure safety and promote values ​​in the community.



What areas of interest does the project belong to?

Peace and Conflict Resolution (X)



Increase The Positive Peace In 15 States In 9 Months.

Measurement criteria Method to obtain the information Frequency Beneficiaries
Phase 1: Training of the Institute of Economy and Peace in Positive Peace to 500 leaders of Rotary Vigilante Neighbor, in 7 Rotary clubs, located in 5 states of the republic. Registration of participants Per workshop Leaders of Rotary Vigilante Neighbor
Phase 2: Production and delivery of material related to Rotary Vigilante Neighbor, which consists of plates and canvases, which contain information related to community preventive safety. Bill One time Leaders of Rotary Vigilante Neighbor
Phase 3: Positive Peace Monitoring through indicators, which will be done monthly in each of the 5 states for a period of 4 months. Questionnaire Monthly / 4 months. Communities
Phases 4: Registration of monitoring indicators through a computer system, which will be implemented in each of the 5 participating states. Computer system Monthly / 4 months. Communities


Do you already know who will collect the information necessary for evaluation and monitoring?

Name of the person or organization: Desarrollo Gradual Directo A.C.

Phone: 5513257176


Location: Pichucalco n 50 c 4 / Tlalpan / 14200 / Ciudad de México / México


Your organization has community monitoring networks.



The present project has the purpose of execution in the five states of D4185 according to the location of the Rotary clubs with which it has twinning from the training in Neighbor Rotary Vigilant, derived from the national replica. Graph 1 shows the peace index reported by the IEP in Mexico.


Graph 1. Peace index in Mexico

Source: taken from Paz Mexico Index (2019, P.7)


The states participating in this project are listed below with their corresponding peace index:

Guerrero (31)

Acapulco and Chilpancingo

100 Leaders


Morelos (24)

Jojutla, Temixco, Zapata, Cuernavaca and Atlatlahuacan

100 Leaders


Puebla (9)


100 Leaders


Veracruz (8)


100 Leaders


Tlaxcala (3)


100 Leaders


Such training will be applied by the Institute for the Economy and Peace in 5 States of the Mexican Republic, 10 Municipalities and with the Supervision of 7 Twin Rotary Clubs of the National Network of Rotary Vigilante Neighbor. The training includes material from peace positive, Rotary Vigilante Neighbor. Subsequently, the Direct Gradual Civil Development Association will be monitored for 4 months to record the results obtained and take them to positive peace indicators, which will feed a positive rotary surveillance neighborhood platform.


When will the project be carried out?

2020-05-01 a 2020-09-30


Name WEB place Location
Intituto de Economía y Paz Av. Paseo de la Reforma 195. Col. Renacimiento / Del. Cuauthémoc/ Piso 13 / Ofc. virtuales / 06500 / Ciudad de México / México
Desarrollo Gradual Directo A.C. Pichucalco n 50 c 4 / Tlalpan / 14200 / Ciudad de México / México
Fondo Unido Rotario de México A.C. Paseo de la Reforma 195, piso 13, Col. Cuauhtémoc, Del. Cuauhtémoc, 06500, México, CDMX




Propuesta_TallerPazPositiva-VV.Global Grant 2020.pdf


actividades VVRZC descripción y fotos.pdf

Carlos Short Bio.pdf

Carlos Juárez_ perfil.pdf


Does any of the committee members have a possible conflict of interest with one of the partner organizations?



Why did you decide to collaborate with this organization and what role will it play?

They are organizations related to the area of ​​interest in peace and conflict prevention, with which the problem will be addressed.


Describe the role that local Rotarians will play in the project:

Rotary members will be responsible for supervising that the contents of the training are fully complied with. Likewise, they will verify that the monitoring and feeding of the system is done in a timely manner.


Describe the role that international Rotarians will play in the project:



Exchange rate $ 20 MX (per US dollar)

Grant Budget Indicates all the budget items. The total budget must match the amount of the funds which will be calculated in the ninth step. Each Global Grant includes a minimum contribution of US $ 15,000 from the Global Fund of the Rotary Foundation. For this reason, the subsidy budgets, including the Global Fund contribution, must be at least US $ 30,000.

# CategorY Description Provider Cost in MXN Cost in USD
1 Training Training by the Institute of Economy and PEACE applied by 7 Rotary Clubs of Mexico in 5 States of the Republic to 100 people in each entity. Instituto de Economía y PazAv. Paseo de la Reforma 195. Col. Renacimiento / Del. Cuauthémoc/ Piso 13 / Ofc. virtuales / 06500 / Ciudad de México / México $509,180.00 US$25,459
2 Materials Production and delivery of material related to Rotary Vigilante Neighbor. Vinil WorldFrancisco Leyva 173 / Col. Miguel Hidalgo / 62040 / Cuernavaca, Mor.Tel: 7771130320 $270,000.00 US$13,500
3 Measuring instrument Positive Peace Tracking. Desarrollo Gradual Directo Pichucalco n 50 c 4 / Tlalpan / 14200 / Ciudad de México / México $267,940.00 US$13,397
4 Computer system Registration of monitoring indicators through a computer system. $150,000 US$7,500
Total budget: $1.197.120,00 US$59,856




# Fuente Detalles Monto (USD) Apoyo Total
1 DDF D4185 4,000 4,000
2 DDF D5495 10,000 10,000
3 DDF D5500 1,000 1,000
4 ROTARY CLUBS DISTRICT 5495 Prescott, Glendale West, Peoria North, Prescott Frontier, Scottsdale Sunrise, Sun City and Tempe South. 5,425 5,425
5 ROTARY CLUBS DISTRICT 4130 Reynosa Industrial 100 100
6 ROTARY CLUBS DISTRICT 4185 San Andrés Cholula, Jardines de Cuernavaca/ Edwing Abezaid, Atlatlahucan Lomas de Cocoyoc, Cuernavaca Juárez, Tlaxcala and Puebla Colonial / Tarse Marin, 4,350 4,350
7 ROTARY CLUBS DISTRICT 4100 Navojoa 200 200
8 CLUB CASH X 50% TOTAL CLUB CASH X 50% 5,037.50 5,037.50
9 DDF World Fund Calculation TOTAL DDF World Fund Calculation 20,037.50 20,037.50
Presupuesto total: 50,150 50,150


*Cada ves que se realice una contribución en efectivo a un proyecto financiado por una Subvención Global, deberá añadirse 5 por ciento adicional para cubrir los gastos asociados con el procesamiento de dichos fondos. Los clubes y distritos recibirán los puntos para el reconocimiento Socio Paul Harris que correspondan a este cargo adicional.



¿Cuál es el monto del Fondo Mundial que te gustaría recibir para este proyecto?    USD 20,037.50

Resumen de la financiación


Contribuciones procedentes del FDD:                 USD 15,000

Contribuciones en efectivo:                                USD 9,875

Subtotal financiado (contribuciones equiparadas + Fondo Mundial): USD 5,037.50

Total financiado:                                                         USD 50,150

Presupuesto total:                                                         USD 59,856



According to the Institute of Economy and Peace:

“Mexico ranked 62nd out of 163 countries in the Positive Peace Index (IPP) 2018, ranking 40% higher globally. However, being ranked 140 in the Global Peace Index (IPG), Mexico was one of the 25 least peaceful countries in the world in 2018. When comparing the high levels of Positive Peace with those of negative peace, it is appreciated that Mexico has the potential to reduce its level of violence if it overcomes some key challenges ”(2019, P. 69).

Graph 2, shows that Mexico exceeds the global average in five of the eight pillars that measure positive peace: solid business environment, high levels of human capital, good relations with neighbors, acceptance of the rights of others and equitable distribution of the resources.

Graph 2. Ratings of the pillars of Positive Peace, Mexico vs. global average and region

Source: taken from Paz Mexico Index (2019, P.71)

According to the previous graph, Mexico presents high levels of corruption, moderate functioning of the government and free flow of information. The weakest pillar of Mexico is corruption, which is strongly correlated with peace in all regions of the world.

“A high level of corruption is characteristic of countries with a low level of peace. This is of special importance to better understand the dynamics of violence in Mexico. According to the IEP, if there are imbalances between the qualifications of the pillars, the Positive Peace system is weakened. The rest of this section emphasizes that Mexico needs to strengthen its weaker pillars so that they are in line with its strong pillars. ”(IEP, 2019, P 69).

Graph 3, highlights the changes that Mexico has had in the eight pillars since 2005. The report indicates that it has improved in a solid business environment and high levels of human capital; however, in the same period there is a deterioration in the levels of corruption, the functioning of the government, the free flow of information and the equitable distribution of resources; which makes it difficult for them to improve their peace levels.


Graph 3. Change by pillar in Mexico from 2005-20176

Source: taken from Paz Mexico Index (2019, P.71)

The report of the Institute of Economy and Peace (2019, P. 68), suggests how to improve peace in Mexico:

“• There is no magic or unique formula. Rather than relying on a single policy or intervention, the process of building and sustaining peace requires a great number of improvements throughout society, implemented simultaneously and for a considerable period. Successful cases to build peace are characterized by continuous actions and improvements in many areas and at the same time. The eight Pillars of Positive Peace constitute a framework that calls for action.

  • Societies behave as self-regulating systems. Therefore, it is essential to understand and develop the rules and regulations, formal and informal, that determine the conduct and operation of such societies. Within systemic thinking, these regulations are called “coded standards.” These codified norms generate a social impulse, and once the system moves in a particular direction, the actions of the system reinforce this direction by means of the codified norms. This creates a cycle that perpetuates itself. If these cycles improve, they are virtuous circles; If they deteriorate, they are vicious circles. Apparently, Mexico is trapped in a vicious circle.
  • Stopping or preventing violence is not an end in itself, as it has been shown that ending violence without building peace is an ephemeral effort. To sustain peace, it is not enough to simply address the factors that caused violence in the past. But it is essential that Mexico combine the effective application of the law in the short term with advances in Positive Peace in the long term.
  • The highest priority should be to prevent violence. However, recovery requires widespread and long-term measures to build Positive Peace. By addressing the most vulnerable factors, it is possible to build resilience in the most cost-effective way: actively promoting Positive Peace. ”


What process was followed to determine these needs?

Documentary information


How did the members of the beneficiary community participate in the search for solutions?


Through the training of Rotary Vigilante Neighbor.


What participation did the members of the local community have in the planning of the project?

The Leaders of the 5 states of D4185 are interested in acquiring more knowledge that allows them to better impact their communities.


Project implementation

# Activity Duration
1 Training by the Institute of Economy and PEACE applied by 7 Rotary Clubs of Mexico in 5 States of the Republic to 100 people in each entity. 30 days
2 Production and delivery of material related to Rotary Vigilante Neighbor. 30 days
3 Positive Peace Tracking. 120 days
4 Registration of monitoring indicators through a computer system. 30 days


Will you work in coordination with other related initiatives that were underway in the community?



Briefly describe these initiatives and their relationship with the project.

The participating institutions undertake to comply with the agreements established in a timely manner.


Describe the training, education or outreach programs to the community that the project will cover.

What process was followed to determine the needs?

Economy and peace indicators.


What incentives (for example, financial compensation, awards, certifications or advertising) will be used to encourage community members to participate in the project?

Awards will be given as diplomas to community members who collaborate with awareness campaigns to motivate and recognize their active participation in the project.


Enter the name of the members or groups of the community that will supervise the project activities once the activities financed with a grant are completed.




Will you use local suppliers to purchase budgeted equipment and materials?


Explain the process that followed to select suppliers.


Was a tender process used to select suppliers?



Explain why.

It is not required.


Do any of the committee members have a possible conflict of interest with any of the suppliers?



If grant funds will be used to acquire equipment, will they be appropriate to the cultural environment and the technological standards of the community?




Do you have a source of local funding to maintain the long-term results of the project?


Will any element of the project generate revenue that will be used to finance the project in the long term?

If so, he explains

FINALIZAR Y ENVIAR A LA FUNDACIÓN.   Una vez que la solicitud sea bloqueadam ya no será posible hacer cambios en el documento.  Se recomienda hacer un analisis y verificar los datos del docuento detalladamente.



Authorization and legal agreements




Índice de Paz de México 2019: Identificar y medir los factores que impulsan la paz, Sídney, abril de 2019.

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El IEP tiene oficinas en Sídney, Nueva York, Bruselas, La Haya y Ciudad de México. Colabora con organismos internacionales y un amplio número de actores en la medición y comunicación del valor económico de la paz.

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