Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding (CPPB)

Project Description

This is a conflict prevention and peace-building project that is intended to address a variety of issues namely; before, during and after election concerns. Having witnessed prior elections and their outcomes, it is important that crisis prevention mechanisms are put in place to see to it that Ugandans/general public are aware of the negative implications of engaging in conflicts.

The main conflicts envisaged here include among others pre-election negative propaganda, riots, destructive demonstrations and intolerance among others. This is so because such negative aspects are detrimental not only to humanity but the country’s social, political and more so economic atmospheres.

Therefore, as opposed to the injurious and vicious cycles of resorting to fighting or conflicts to solve the grievances that come along with the politics of elections, it is important that alternative interventions (alternative dispute resolution) are sought after.

Uganda is surrounded by neighbours and some of them are at war and the news the children, youth and adults are getting hour by hour are portraying wars which is disastrous to the minds and hearts of Humanity. By reaching within to embrace humanity, the Rotary Club of Makindye is joining to help move man-kind from a culture of war to a culture of Peace!