The Philippines Leap to RAGFP #2!

The Rotary club of Manila was formed in 1919, and is the very first Rotary club to be established in Asia. It had only 38 original members. There are now over 800 Rotary clubs in the Philippines, leading Rotary International’s great expansion to become one of the largest philanthropic organizations on our planet. The explosive growth of Rotary International in this part of the world can be traced directly to efforts by Rotarians to end polio in the Philippines.

The Philippines rocketed into the #2 RAGFP membership spot this year, led by Rotarians in the nation with a strong desire for peacebuilding, and a commitment to eradicating polio. In fact, a strong commitment to peacebuilding and eradication of polio, go hand-in-hand on this island nation.

The Philippine Project began in 1979, but was officially launched as the Polio Plus Campaign of Rotary International in 1985. End Polio Now is the modern inception of the campaign and with matching donations from partners such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotarians have immunized more then 2.5 billion children and reduced cases of polio by 99.9% around the world. Donate to End Polio

With such drastic reductions in cases of world-wide polio, (the Philippines were declared polio free in 2000 but still remain at risk Read More), Rotarians in the country set their sights on peace. They join Rotarian peace organizations like RAGFP, in record numbers, to support Rotary peacebuilding around the world.

Welcome to RAGFP!