Rotarian Peace Projects Incubator
November 1-2, 2020
Geneva, Switzerland.

Welcome to the first Rotarian Peace Project Incubator

Led by the Rotarian Action Group for Peace and the Swiss/Liechtenstein RAGFP Chapter

The First Rotarian Peace Projects Incubator seeks to develop peace projects that are tailored to address urgent community needs.

Every day, we hear about conflicts, wars, refugees, atrocities, and victims. These conflicts seem so remote to us, oftentimes feeling unreal and difficult to imagine the hardships people endure. And yet, as humans we cannot close our eyes to the suffering because peace concerns us all.

What can we do as Rotarians? We have a moral responsibility to look closely and reflect on how we can alleviate suffering. If we turn away from those in need, their suffering can easily become our own.

50 Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotarians, Rotaractors and international experts work to have at least 20 global grant ready Peace Projects ready by November, projects that Rotary Clubs world-wide can take on board and implement.

More information on the project areas:

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