Rotary Peacebuilder Clubs Focus Peace

Peacebuilder Clubs of District 5100 

Want to learn how to build an active Rotary peacebuilding club that can impact the world in both large and small ways? District 5100 of the Pacific Northwest offers blueprints for creating effective Peacebuilder clubs that will spark passion for peacebuilding in your own Rotary district.

Rotarian Action Group For Peace is a strong believer and supporter of Peacebuilder clubs. These clubs offer infrastructure for peacebuilding and establish networks of Rotarians who meet regularly, so they may collaborate and focus on peace. See the District 5100 application form, and start your own Peacebuilder district or club.

A great example of how Peacebuilder clubs in District 5100 collaborated and gained support for their peace initiatives is their Peace Poles project. Peace Poles are just one way Rotarians, literally, plant peace. Peacebuilder clubs of District 5100 coordinated with District 5030 to begin planting Peace Poles in April of 2017. Peace Poles are inscribed with a simple, universal message: May Peace Prevail on Earth. Peace Poles are visible symbols of peace, and create “a meeting place of the heart bringing together people of all faiths, backgrounds and culture to embrace the Oneness of our planetary family.” Peace Poles have sprouted in parks, schools, places of worship, along hiking trails, and upon civic grounds throughout North America. The peacebuilders of District 5100 discovered a simple way to plant peace, not only in the ground, but in the minds of all who encounter a Peace Pole, along countless paths.

RAGFP built and maintains a Peace Pole Map to support their efforts!

Visit the RAGFP Peace Pole Map

A Rotary Peace Pole has even been planted in a UNESCO World Heritage Site in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
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This is only one illustration of how Rotary Peacebuilder clubs can elevate, empower, and employ communities to come together for peace.

District 5100 also sponsors Rotary Peace Fellows, education programs, peace tours, and they offer Rotarians leadership on building strong Peacebuilder clubs in their own Rotary districts.