Rotarian Peacebuilder Robert “Bob” Stewart

Robert Stewart is a Rotarian, world-renowned Canadian Peace Educator, and RAGFP Member.

His involvement in the Rotary International Convention of Calgary 1996, sparked a life-long passion for peace. Since that time, his efforts in Rotary peacebuilding have touched countless lives.

His peace website,, averages 50,000 visitors per month and garnished over 1.5 million viewers. (Consistently ranked a #1 Peace website by Google, this equates to almost 10 million “hits” since 1998.)  This is no surprise, because as founder of the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace and leader of the Canadian Culture of Peace Program, his peace education curriculum is read and distributed by Rotarian peacebuilders around the world.

He is the recipient of numerous Rotary awards and honors, and served as host for 9 annual National Peace Education Conferences in Canada. Read his biography.

His commitment to peacebuilding in Rotary and beyond serves as a precious reminder of how Rotary International conferences and conventions can provide a “spark” for future Rotarians to carry the torch of peace into the 21st century. Current Rotary president Ian Riseley will host six Presidential Peace Conferences around the world in 2018. (Perhaps the next Robert Stewart will be in attendance.)

Rotarian Peacebuilder David B. Savage

David B. Savage is a Rotarian, accomplished author, and conflict mediator in British Columbia, Canada. He is active in the Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club, and is a current RAGFP member.

In Canada, he serves as a bridge between business leaders and Rotary Peacebuilders.

He co-leads Values and Ethics workshops for high school students, and helped build the Rotary Peace Plus Initiative along with Rotarian Robert Stewart of He has over 40 years of experience speaking and writing about conflict resolution and collaboration.

David is also a member of Mediators Beyond Borders and “works with leaders and organizations to advance their success through collaboration, negotiation, conflict resolution and business development.” David exemplifies Rotary International’s Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Area of Focus, not only by mentoring youth, but also by leading industries and business leaders to the common ground of empathy and understanding. From the classroom to the boardroom, he is a Rotarian who makes a difference in Canada. We are honored by his membership and support of Rotarian Action Group For Peace.

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