Chair, Strategic Alliances Committee
San Jose E./Evergreen Rotary Club,
San Jose, California, USA
District 5170
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Harry Adams has been an organizer and advocate for about 40 years. He is currently semi-retired and pursuing his interests as a writer/researcher and continuing to serve as a community volunteer. Harry is a board member and public relations coordinator of the San Jose East/Evergreen Rotary Club in San Jose, California. He recently completed his first year as a Rotary member. While short of Rotary experience, Harry’s life experiences and multiple careers lend themselves well in his position as Chair of the Rotarian Action Group For Peace Strategic Alliances Committee.

Harry served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War and became an anti-war activist after his discharge. He continues to be a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Veterans For Peace. Many other local organizations and activities have involved him in working for peace, and social and economic justice.

Harry has been involved with the labor movement at various volunteer and staff levels.
He gained significant experience in negotiating public and private sector collective bargaining agreements, conducting member/leadership trainings, mediating disputes, leading organizing and political campaigns, and serving on labor/management committees.

After his retirement from the labor movement he went to work in various senior positions with the California State Legislature. Harry handled economic and social justice issues for a variety of Silicon Valley legislators with issue areas including labor, poverty, housing, seniors, disability, education and health care.

In the past 3 years he has periodically assisted the local labor movement in interim positions as Director of Organizing and Public Policy for the South Bay Labor Council, and as Policy Director of Working Partnerships USA.

Harry resides in San Jose, the heart of “Silicon Valley”, with his wife Gayle, Smokey The Wonder Dog, and cat Nellie. He is very proud of his Brazilian-American heritage. Harry claims to be, “a mediocre but competitive tennis player, an excellent dancer, and a good cook.”