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Membership benefits include our informative newsletters, E-Bulletins, invitations to local, national and international Rotary peace events, and access to committed Rotarians, Rotary Peace Fellows and other thought leaders on our PeaceMap.

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The Rotarian Action Group for Peace uses its dues to support member driven projects in Rotary’s Areas of Focus of Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution.

Join our organization and enjoy the benefits of Rotarian Action Group for Peace Membership!

Your support enables the Rotarian Action Group for Peace to:

  • Shape the debate on key peace and conflict prevention/resolution issues in the Rotary community and beyond.
  • Expand our international network of individuals committed to ensuring a future free from violence and war.
  • Help build Rotary’s contribution to peace and conflict resolution work around the world.
  • Share timely information about the latest developments in sustainable peace-building, lessons learned and best practices.

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One Year Rotaract $15:

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Peace Science Digest

RAGFP offers our members the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest peace and conflict research presented in an organized and useful format. The Peace Science Digest is a tool that helps inform Rotarians about hot topics in peace and conflict research, and the different approaches to minimize destructive conflict and advance peace. We believe that when Rotarians read the Peace Science Digest, their ability to lead actions of positive peace will be even stronger. Click the link below and subscribe to free online editions of the Peace Science Digest. This subscription is perfect for Rotarians, Peace Fellows or Rotaracts with a passion for peace!