David Fishman, Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Alexandria, Virginia, District 7610, Zone 33, is experienced in domestic and international conflict resolution. His legal career encompassed labor relations and civil rights representation of management, individual and union clients, both public and private sector. Applying his international relations education, he’s been a Visiting Scholar at GWU, Johns Hopkins SAIS, and George Mason University. Professional engagements abroad began with the Gorbachev era American Bar Association/Soros sponsorship of Soviet lawyer interns 1989-1991, some of whom are friends of 30 years from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Estonia. Consulting clients have included the ABA during the Obama Medvedev Bilateral Presidential Commission, American Councils for International Education for a U.S.-Russia-Finnish academic and legal cooperation “platform”, USG democracy assistance, rule-of-law and economic reform efforts, and private sector assignments. David is a member of the Steering Group of the ABA Section of international Law Eurasia-Russia Committee. Within Rotary since 2019, (Peace Conferences in Houston, and Hamburg, Ontario), he is active in RI InterCountry Committee cooperative efforts. These are both Russia-specific, (currently developing ‘virtual’ bi-lingual meetings), and broader, focused on Middle East peace-building, Iran, and how to help incoming Rotary leadership grow the membership and strengthen the impact of ICCs.