Say G’Day To Rotary Down Under

Australian Rotary clubs led a charge against domestic violence. They began with a social media campaign and it grew into community outreach programs that have changed countless lives. Their goal is to eradicate domestic violence, right along with polio.  Read the full story

“Reckon it’s no climb, mates.”

Rotary International is a force for peace action in the South Pacific. Australia is the home of 30,000 Rotarians, 1,100 Rotary Clubs, and 21 Rotary Districts. The Rotary Club of Melbourne was formed in 1921, as Rotary International’s first organization on the continent. The growth of Rotary in Australia is due to their promotion of peace, cultural understanding, and service to the community. Rotarians in Australia work to promote peace, not only in their own country, but throughout the entire South Pacific region. Meet Rotary Down Under

Watch a Video produced by Rotary Down Under