Peace is not a spectator sport. It requires the efforts of all.

Charles Keller, Past President, Rotary International


In honor of International Peace Day, take a few minutes to look a little deeper at life through the peacebuilder lens. Picture yourself as a peacebuilder.

Envision what you will do to build more peace in your home, your school or workplace, and your community. How will you respond to daily frictions, conflicts, and other challenges that disrupt peace? How will you be more proactive in building peace in all those places?

What about finding more peace in your own life?

If you stop and think about it, you already know some things you can do to be a better peacebuilder. Commit to do them. Take action! Live your piece of peace! Live it fully!

Encourage others to do the same. Spread this invitation to everyone you can in every way you can. Together we’ll build the world we all yearn to see!

You may not be responsible for world peace,

but you are responsible for your piece/peace™.

(i.e. your piece of peace in the world and your own inner peace.)


Brian Farr, Chair

Rotarian Action Group for Peace,

North American Interfaith Network,

Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable Peace Committee