Please view and explore our new Rotary Peace Poles Map by clicking the image below!

What is the Peace Pole Map?

By using the map, you are able see the location where each of the 121 peace poles are planted.

You can use the map to enter in your own location and find the nearest peace pole to you!

Plan a peace pole walk with your friends and family by simply entering your starting location in the “direction tool” and the address of peace pole you’d like to visit, and the Map will give you directions! Then, check out the peace poles that are close to one another to visit multiple peace poles at once!

Fellowship Opportunity (Rotary Clubs)

You can also use the “grouping tool” to choose a specific Rotary club to see which Peace Poles they have sponsored! We encourage you to get familiar with the leading peacebuilder Rotary clubs in the Oregon/Washington area by exploring the Map and planning an activity with those clubs. Together you can visit their sponsored peace pole locations and get acquainted with the various Peace Pole communities!

We wish you fun adventures with your fellow Rotarians on the Peace Pole trails.

(A story from the Map): Elmonica E