Learn about the Hub Peacebuilder Tour here!


The Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) invites you to meet-up with The Hub online or in person to share your thoughts about peacebuilding.

Through video interviews, we will be exploring two essential questions: “What does peacebuilding look like for you?” and “Why does peacebuilding matter?”

The Hub Peacebuilder is a mobile “space for peace” that has been ‘Rotarized’ with “The Four Way Test” and a colorful “Peace Map” featuring Rotary’s worldwide peacebuilding network. It will serve as a venue for video interviews, inspiring live music and engaging conversations around peacebuilding.

The crew is available to appear at local club meetings, community gatherings or an evening “RAG FOR PEACE” Happy Hour. The goal of the tour is to expand the RAGFP network along the West Coast.