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Lynn Rienner Publishers

Edited by Pamina Firchow and Harry Anastasiou

What is sustainable peacebuilding? And what is the relationship between empirical realities and theoretical approaches to the subject? The authors of Practical Approaches to Peacebuilding present a series of case studies from around the world to explore how various peacebuilding theories engage and interact with lived experiences, and also to elaborate useful new theoretical perspectives.


  • Foreword—Peter Wallensteen.
  • Peacebuilding in Theory and Practice—P. Firchow and H. Anastasiou.
  • The Peace Triangle: Capturing Peace After Military Victory in Sri Lanka—K. Höglund, M. Söderberg Kovacs, and W. Thiyagaraja.
  • Development and Peacebuilding: Dam Construction and Violence in the Amazon—A. Freitas and F. Lethem.
  • Religion and Peacebuilding: Human Insecurity and the Colonial Legacy in Myanmar—G. Shani and S. Saeed.
  • Gender and Peacebuilding: Hybridity and Friction in the Pacific Islands—N. George and C. Doerksen.
  • Refugees and Peacebuilding: “Poor Country Problems” in Cambodia and Bosnia-Herzegovina—S. Edington and C. Hughes.
  • Engaging the Liberal Peace Paradigm: The Case of Rotary International—P. Firchow.
  • Appendix: Rotary International’s Contribution to Peace—H. Anastasiou

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