By , June 5, 2015, published in Waging Nonviolence.

Over 30,000 people crowded onto the streets of Munich, Germany on June 4 to protest the upcoming meeting between leaders of seven of the world’s richest countries.

“I’d say I’m here against the inequality that continues to prevail — that we have it so good and others have it so bad,” a protester named Julia told EuroNews. “And because we must not lose hope that one day the world really will be equal, and we will all have the same values.”

The large, peaceful protest in the Bavarian capital was organized in response to a planned two-day meeting between leaders of Germany, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the United States, collectively known as the G7 countries, on June 7-8. The last G8 talk, also held in Germany in 2007, included Russia at the summit, but Russia has been excluded this year due to its actions in Ukraine. The motto of this year’s G7 summit is “think ahead, act together.” The leaders are set to meet at Elmau Castle, 60 miles south of Munich near the Austrian border. Issues like free trade agreements, climate change, poverty and immigration are expected to be discussed at the meeting.

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