The Rotarian Action Group for Peace has reached out to Rotary Peace Fellows who are living and working in the region for their advice on how Rotarians can best support relief efforts in Nepal. Many national and international agencies are stepping in to support the Nepalese government’s efforts to provide emergency relief over the next three months. See below for some opportunities to donate to worthy organizations.

ADRA Nepal 

ADRA has programs at the grass-roots level in mountainous areas and are looking for donations to sustain the relief work they are doing. They have national and international staff already connected and working with remote villages in Nepal that need significant assistance after the earthquake.


BRAC is sending a team to Nepal to provide 5,000 to 10,000 blankets, medical treatment, essential medicine and dry food to earthquake victims. “Our core team will provide essential medical support to the victims in collaboration with the Nepalese government,” said Shahinul Hoque Ripon, a doctor from BRAC who will lead the team.

Mercy Corps

The Rotary Peace Fellows who work with Mercy Corps have said that their staff is already on the ground responding to the tragic disaster. Their experienced response team is working side by side with survivors to save lives.

Peace Winds Japan

Two Rotary Peace Fellows worked for this NGO during the Sumatra earthquake in 2005 and speak highly of their emergency response in places such as in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.


This is a local NGO in Gorkha district, the epicenter of the earthquake. A Rotary Peace Fellow is getting us the contact details and needs assessment from this NGO. Stay tuned for more information.

Sarvodaya USA

Sarvodaya is helping supply food and tents to a village south of Kathmandu. The Peace Fellow who recommends this organization has a high level of trust for the quality of services they provide.

ShelterBox USA

After Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, hospitals in the country’s capital Kathmandu were devastated, forcing medical staff to treat their patients outside with dwindling supplies.

However, ShelterBox, an international Rotary partner, has been able to provide tents to four hospitals in the city creating safe, covered spaces where patients can be treated in privacy. They will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics.


The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has already released $15 million to kick-start immediate life-saving relief work in Nepal. The UN has launched a massive new appeal for those affected by Nepal’s earthquake, as frustration mounts at the pace of relief efforts. Find out more about how you can help through CERF here.

World Vision International

Rotary Peace Fellows report that World Vision is already on the ground and working in the 5 districts which were the most badly affected, including the Sindhuli district, a remote area located to the south of Kathmandu.