Since the recent hostilities began, the Rotarian Action Group for Peace has heard from dozens of Rotarians around the world who abhor the violence and want to engage in a Rotarian-led Middle East Peace dialogue. The Rotarian Action Group for Peace Board of Directors supports the concept of a conference or workshop led by Rotarians from the region. To find out what would be most helpful, our Executive Committee will have private conversations with known Rotary leaders from the region seeking their ideas and counsel. The collective wisdom will inform further action.

As Rotarians we have a unique opportunity to contribute to understanding, goodwill and building sustainable peace as we apply good listening skills, respectful interaction and make a long-term commitment to fostering relationships in the region.

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace seeks to foster people-to-people dialogue and create shared service initiatives between Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East in the following manner:

  1. Foster an ongoing commitment to understanding and deepening Rotarian relationships in the region
  2. Conduct phone calls with key Rotary leaders in the region
  3. Plan a facilitated workshop in the region at a time and location of mutual agreement by the Rotarians involved, if desired
  4. Support a global grant request, if desired
  5. Provide research and support for projects that demonstrate the Rotarian ideal of peace-through-service that will build a person-to-person culture of peace in the region

We are at your service as a communication center, and we welcome your emails, phone calls and ideas to further our perspective and knowledge on this subject. We will engage in actions requested by the Rotarians in the region.


The Rotarian Action Group for Peace Board of Directors

Al Jubitz, Chair, Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Erin Thomas, Executive Director, Rotarian Action Group for Peace, Rotary Peace Fellow

Email: [email protected]