With the launch of the new grant model (formerly called Future Vision) and the six Areas of Focus, the majority of Global Grants for Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution (PCPR) have been for scholarships. In an effort to expand beyond scholarships in the Peace Area of Focus, this workshop provided Rotarians an opportunity to brainstorm ideas for projects they can do with their club and district.

What is a Peace Project?

At the breakout session we learned that Rotarian peacebuilders are generally responding to issues or opportunities present in their local communities, or in partner communities, so the projects are as varied and different as the people who design them. At the same time, there are some basic criteria common to each project. All projects should:

  • Be rooted in a real need or opportunity presented by a local community.
  • Build and strengthen relationships between individuals in the community and/or between communities.
  • Involve and honor the voices of everyone the project will affect.
  • Incorporate the opportunity for evaluation and reflection for and with all those affiliated with the project.

See Example Rotary Peace Projects:


Ideas from the Breakout Session Brainstorm for Peace Area of Focus Projects:

  • Stress release training
  • Educate communities around changes in legislation
  • Teaching the skills of constitutional writing (example-Myanmar)
  • Address issues related to domestic violence
  • Activities to build trust between various ethnic/religious groups
  • Address the needs of the elderly
  • Peace Parks in the North Pole and Afghanistan
  • “Hands across the community”
  • Reconciliations between conflicting groups
  • Intervene in the Middle East through medical connections and education to improve understanding between communities
  • Work with youth to build skills and design a program that can be replicated globally
  • “Teach tolerance”
  • Address school bullying through open parent conferences
  • Look at causes of fear to prevent conflict
  • Community gun collections
  • Chicago Project—3 program in 2 schools; matching grant with Brazil club that dealt with anti-bullying, play for peace, and peace circle (reconciliation, restorative justice)
  • Managing emotions, PTSD (working with veterans)
  • Film festival


Please feel free to contact us for additional information about the session, or project planning ideas! [email protected]