Wednesday, June 11, 2014
By Elliott Adams

June 6th came once more. D-day was a long time ago and I didn’t intend to make anything of it. I was surprised by the emotional turmoil I felt, by how I felt about that day in my gut. I realized that while I was born after the war was over, D-day and World War II were a real and tangible part of my childhood. It was part of my family’s life, my teachers lives, my friends parent’s lives. It wasn’t just old men who remembered it, every adult in my youth had stories from that war. It was amputees on street corners selling pencils and people all around me still dealing with it. It was part of my life and it played a role in my enlistment for Vietnam. Of course I felt this day in my guts. Why did I think it would be otherwise?

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Elliot Adams is a Veterans For Peace (VFP) member from New York State and past president of VFP’s National Board.