Jan Eliasson is one of the world’s foremost diplomats and experts on peacebuilding. He was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in March 2012. He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, chair of Water Aid/Sweden, member of the UN Secretary-General’s Advocacy Group of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Special Envoy to Darfur, Sudan, President of the sixtieth session of the UN General Assembly, and the Secretary-General’s personal representative for Iran/Iraq. Mr. Eliasson was the first UN Under-Secretary-General for humanitarian affairs and was involved in operations in Africa and the Balkans. He has taken several initiatives on landmines, conflict prevention, and humanitarian action.

Alliance for Peacebuilding president and chief executive officer Melanie Greenberg interviewed Mr. Eliasson in June 2013 at the UN headquarters in New York about his experiences with conflict prevention over the course of his rich and varied career.

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