“We have been told for many generations that America is the Superpower; it is way beyond all other countries of the world in monetary and military strength, but it has yet to prove to the world that it can be a Superpower in terms of its moral strength.”— Arun M. Gandhi

Is nonviolence a wuss thing? Not at all! It’s a profit-producing vehicle for muscling up our American economy as we provide a safer, more stable environment in which our children can thrive. Actually, it takes more courage and strength to find peaceful solutions to conflict than just hiding behind a weapon and trying to blow the disagreeing person or society away. And, though profits from weapons are astronomical, peaceful productivity is cheaper in the long run in terms of safety, stability and advancement of our society.

Peaceful productivity, including international conflict resolution through diplomacy, will also return our long-lost respect globally; thereby increasing our strength in the global marketplace.

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