The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is following the news and humanitarian response issues related to Super Typhoon Haiyan. Please scroll through this article, as well as the rest of our news section to find out more about various Rotary and non-Rotary responses to the growing crisis in the Philippines.

Here are a few photos and updates to inform readers more on the devastation as well as global response.

Mercy Corps Slideshow
Mercy Corps has years of experience helping low-income communities in the Philippines. We know that the storm has devastated some of the country’s most vulnerable people,” deployed relief worker Michael Bowers explained. See images posted by international relief agency Mercy Corps here.

CNN Slideshow
For more pictures and perspective, read the article, “Why Typhoon Response is Taking so Long” by Bob Kitchen, director of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit at the International Rescue Committee.

Article by Professor at New York University Wagner School of Public Service
Read the article, “Please Don’t Send Your Old Shoes to the Philippines” by Jessica Alexander, adjunct professor at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health and NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service. She advocates that survivors of Typhoon Haiyan need our help – send money, not your hand-me-downs.