Breathing: Violence In, Peace Out
by Ivana Milojević
(Non-fiction, University of Queensland Press, October 2013)

ISBN: 978 0 7022 4969 3 | C Format Paperback | 304pp | $39.95

Breathe in. Breathe out. Are you the same?

BREATHING: Violence In, Peace Out by Dr Ivana Milojević investigates the long-term impact of trans-generational trauma and the possibilities for healing.

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Ivana is a researcher, writer and university professor currently based at the Sunshine Coast. This book is both an extension of her professional work in the area of peace and conflict studies, as well as her attempt to come to terms with the traumatic events in her own and her family’s past.

BREATHING: Violence In, Peace Out is both externally focussed – on the politics of violence (‘breathing out’) – and internally focussed, on our inner journey towards healing and inner peace. In the book, Ivana shares many personal stories (‘breathing in’), including her own.

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