Social enterprise is popping up in startup competitions around the developed world, but tech-savvy social entrepreneurs from developing countries are scoring wins and turning heads as well. Techies will be excited to learn about Google’s recently launched Global Impact Challenge, which is sending $3 million to nonprofit tech startups in the UK with the best ideas to change the world. Across the Atlantic, Harvard Business School’s newly-revamped “New Venture Challenge” doles out awards of up to $50,000 for its social enterprise track. Increasingly, however, social enterprises are raking in the winnings at competitions in the developing world, often knocking aside competition from profit-maximizing ventures. In Latin America, Colombian Sustainable Agriculture Solutions made the 2012 winners list for Intel’s Desafío Intel, a startup competition linking Latino/a entrepreneurs with Silicon Valley expertise. SAS uses nanotechnology to produce a fertilizer that is 40 percent more efficient, cheaper and less damaging to the